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  • Google Announces Ban on Pay Day Loans Advertising.

    Google Announces banning Pay Day Loan Advertising as from 13 July 2016. Google recently announced on their blog that they will no longer accept pay day loan lenders ads (advertisement) on their Adwords Platform. The statement did not make any distinction by countries. Google will not ban pay day loan search unless it violates their [...]

  • TrafficSynergy Announce Closure

    TrafficSynergy one of South African top 3 affiliate network   announce closure. Here is their announcement :- After more than 8 years of excitement, circumstances beyond our control have forced us into a situation where TrafficSynergy will be closing all operations in the coming weeks. We can assure you that we have not taken this [...]

  • Buying on a lay buy or laybye online in South Africa.

    Customers paying on Lay-bye option online. Install 4 meServicesI need help! Lay buy Plugin Installation$0.00 Download Free: Add to cart and download free. Choose Payment Currency OptionUnited States dollarSouth African randChange CurrencyThis website accepts multiple currencies (US$ and Rands). We accept lay buy (lay aside) payment option of up to 6 months. This option is [...]

  • About this website

    This website was designed using WordPress. WordPress is an open source software platform available for download online free of charge. Software developers all over the world make contributions by either offering themes/skins or extensions/plug-in free or paid . Our e-commerce page is powered Woo Commerce which is also available as an extension free once you [...]