Before we move on with this topic, gambling board and gamblers anonymous cannot help you with self-exclusion or self-banning; only casinos can help. In South Africa there is no single point or facility you can go to and self-ban yourself to existing casinos. Read more below.

Gambling addition is one of many reasons people either end-up needing more money and looking for a loan. This may be to feed the gambling addiction or to pay debts created by gambling. The cycle goes on and on until its cut.


  • You lose your entire month’s salary before you even pay any of your bills. You then try and get loan to make ends meet, but gamble the same loan advance.
  • You can’t leave a casino if you lose. You withdraw more money to even.
  • You only leave the casino once you have lost everything and all your bank accounts are nil.
  • You are at the casino excessive amount of hours, at times day and night.
  • You regret everything once you have lost and swear to stop. But find yourself right back again.
  • You even wish your bank restricts your card from withdrawing from casino ATM or speedpoints.


The first step and the easiest is starting with your nearest casino, the one that really traps you. When you come from work, somehow you cant pass it. Start there.

Carry your Id and report to the security department and ask for self exclusion. Casinos policies vary from one to the other. Some casinos allow lifetime ban others only allow one year ban. Request a lifetime.

Request the desk to ban you either on that casino, provincial or national.

What if you contravene the ban ?

  • Stand a chance to be arrested for trespass. Pay a fine .
  • Forfeit your all your winnings and have them donated to charity and be arrested
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