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Attacks detected, prevented, removed.

Securi helped clean the malware on our website was back live same day. They further notified search engines like Google to remove blacklisting. The fight against hacking is ongoing . If you check on your right , you will see type of attacks that are attempted and blocked almost daily. We receive alerts by email, sms to act promptly where possible

Sucuri further helped with daily back-ups so that if the happens , it’s easy to recover.

Malware, Spyware, Virus Attacks

In the month of December 2014 our website was attacked twice. According to InternetLiveStatsthere are over a billion websites listed on internet. So why us?

The first attack came from Italy and the last  one was from Russia. It is more likely the attack was random and could have hit any website. We have since , with help sucuri blocked IP and proxy IP addresses from major hacking nations like Russia, China, Ukraine. They can still land our site, but they can not register, buy or comment. Hard decision if you consider not all are hackers.

Do we keep any valuable information?

There is an assumption that because we are a loan and e-commerce website we must be keeping credit card numbers and banking details of customers. The opposite is true.

We do not sell nor are interested in selling your details to any third party. We do not share your details with anyone. Nor third parties share your formation to us. Where your information may be passed to third you will be notified and your consent requested.

Whilst there is no impenetrable website, we have taken reasonable measures to ensure that your information is not stolen and safe. We have also taken measures to ensure that when you visit our website the following does not happen(s) :

• Your visit to our website results in your personal computer infected and lead to your personal information stolen;

• Your visit to our website infects other websites.

Our website has powerful firewall and anti-virus and malware/spam filters to protect you as a visitor.

That said:-

• We do not store credit card information on our website. Our payment gateway options are PCI compliant and will direct you to a safe website to make payment by credit card.

• We do not keep loan application information on our website. Loan application forms are embedded on our website using iframe technology.

Popular Attacks

Qty Attack Type
1,153 Unknown
209 Bad bot access denied
126 Access to this URL is not allowed
105 IP Address not whitelisted
94 Backdoor location denied
29 Request not authorized
27 Spam comment or xmlrpc denied
24 Exploit blocked by virtual patching
22 Directory listing not authorized
21 Access from a blocked country
20 Brute force bot blocked
16 An attempted RFI/LFI was detected and blocked.
10 Evasion attempt denied
10 Exploit blocked by virtual patching
4 Blacklisted IP address
4 SQL injection was detected and blocked (level 2).
3 Fake bot access
2 HTTP method not allowed
1 Evasion through obfuscation denied