Have you ever wanted to test if id (identity document) is correct, that it matches the surname and all names of the owner as reflected on the identity book?

This online service is integrated to verify all identity documents issued by Department of Home Affairs in South Africa only.

The service verifies that id number, surname and all names match and are correct and also verifies the the following:-

  • if the person is dead or alive ,
  • married, single or divorced.


You can verify the id correctness online by visiting this website

To get correct results you must enter all your details as they appear on Department of Home Affairs identity document, word for word. Else error results will not come up.



Yes, the services are absolutely free. Whilst others charge for this service , this website charges nothing to verify your id or third party id.

The website is encrypted with SSL certificate, so safety concerns are addressed. Also please read privacy policy on their website.