How to send money to yourself by cellphone with FNB?

Need cash urgently but left your card at home. With FNB you can use your cellphone to withdrew money without your card.


To send money to yourself on E-Wallet using a mobile phone is quite simple. Remember this, it is not possible to send money to yourself using internet banking, this only possible with cellphone banking. There is a difference between the two.

How to send money to yourself.
Step 1.
Register for cellphone banking. Read here

Step 2
Once registered dial *120*321#

Step 3
You will be required to enter SECRET PIN (5 digits)

Step 4
A menu will pop-up. Then select E-Wallet on the menu

Step 5

Enter your mobile number

Step 6
Enter amount to transfer to yourself (MAX R1500)

Once confirmed now go the FNB ATM and click on CardLess services or e-wallet. Enter the your cellphone and follow the prompts.

Disclaimer : The steps may not be exactly the same, please follow steps as you go along.