How to store all your passwords safe online free.

How can I store and access all my passwords online free without paying a dime or in simple language , FREE?

Yes ! There is a way you can safeguard all your passwords online free without paying a cent (even if you are a South African) at all.

Why this topic about passwords  and secured options ?

I have an online bank account, Twitter , Paypal, Facebook , Linkedin, Bidorbuy, Gmail, Yahoo, Mail and the list  goes on and on. I also have 7 websites or more. Access to all these tools need username and passwords.

The worst thing to do is to use same password and username! Doing this is  like literally signing a death warranty, one way and no return ticket to hell or from hell! My mother tongue is ZULU but I can spell “DISASTER”. Yes! This is a gateway to becoming hacked!

Mr Zulu ! What do you suggest then?

Simple. Dropbox!

Why? You get up to 2.5g disk space with Dropbox absolutely free and your access to Dropbox account is secured by OTP (One Time Pin) that is sent to your mobile phone. So if someone want to access your details online must also have access to your phone.

Please explain how?

1.The simple option will be to have all all your passwords and usernames on Excel spreadsheet, Word or even notepad.

2. Then save all these passwords on Dropbox  online.

Simple as that. Then protect your Dropbox with a OTP!